Haikou Tower

Status Wettbewerb 1.Platz
Ort  Haikou, China
Architekten HENN




Lines of power, light and fascination


The lighting design resembles the ideas and the spirit of the architectural concept.

The lines of power, which exist both in the horizontal and vertical direction are accentuated by lighted streaks. These lighted streaks binding together the overall site and shooting into the sky on the winding contours of the buildings will billow with a transcendent dynamic brightness. Making the fluent forms of the site and the buildings visible at night will emphasize the entirety of the architecture and at the same time show every single detail of facades and landscape. Thus a unique appearance and modern feeling will evolve from a unique arrangement of light.

Landscape and buildings will become one in terms of light and athmosphere. An integral lighting design will combine the facade lighting with the lighting of the exterior public visitor areas like one piece of artwork.  The given contour striving to the sky and winding throughout the site as one element can be flexible in colour and can be adapted to the functions of the architecture in any given way.